Welcome to Surfshack Surfschool Cape Town

Looking for an experience of a lifetime, learn to surf with the crew from Surfshack.

Did you know?

Surfing is one of the oldest sports on our beautiful BLUE PLANET!

Learning to surf should be number one on your BUCKET LIST. Surfing is one of the most exhilarating and rewarding experiences you can have, so be warned! A surf lesson with Surf Shack Surf School, Cape Town is addictive and can lead to a life time love affair with the soulful surfing lifestyle.

Surfing is one of the oldest sports on our beautiful Blue Planet. Mans fascination with riding the ocean waves through the ages has resulted in surfing being more than just a sport. Its a lifestyle and culture that thousand of people have fallen in love with and at SURF SHACK SURF SCHOOL, CAPE TOWN we are passionate about teaching you to surf. Our learn to surf lessons are popular with both young and old. No matter what your age or ability, you will have fun learning to surf with us!


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